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How To Add Cargo To Vehicles

How To Add Cargo To Vehicles

Like Machine Guns, Hand Guns, Grenades, Rocket Launchers & Ammo Clips or anything else you wish to be able to pick up while within the game. Mercs Safe, or an Access Keycard kinda pick up ideas and more..  so when you get out on foot you can carry / pick up weapons, re-load & re-arm your self... without having to go back into the mission editor.

name AddWeaponCargo ["weapon",number]

Where name is the name of the (object or vehicle or unit) you placed that the weapons will be added to

weapon is the reserved name of the weapon you want added and number is the quantity of that weapon to be made available in the object.

For example, if you want to add 15 Mortars to a truck you named  convoy5
   you would insert the following statement into its INT or a script:

convoy5 AddWeaponCargo ["Mortar",15]

To add ammunition magazines to the object, instead of weapons, just replace the command  AddWeaponCargo  with the command  AddMagazineCargo

To remove weapons and magazine previously added to an object, use the following commands:
(such as for making space in an Ammo/Weapon Crate)
ClearWeaponCargo name

ClearMagazineCargo name

Where name is the name of the object from which weapons or magazines are to be removed.
(the Specific Weapon names & Specific Ammo names are not required)

Many addons have their OWN Class names for weapons and also OFP/CWA also has its own per-defined weapons. But ber in mind if you add weapons from actual mods in your missions, then people will also need those weapons/mods to play your mission. So if your new to this, try to stick to official ofp/cwa weapon & ammo class names for now. because needing loads of addons puts people off playing missions.

This is the INT Field where commands are placed

Int Field Within The Mission Editor (OFP and CWA)

To be Updated.....

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Which CWA Do You Need?

Which CWA Do You Need?

This version comes on ONE Disk and is essentialy OFP Resistance 1.99c

It can also be bought off STEAM and supports more modern computers
You can Currently get it on Steam for £3.49 lol
(Although the game system requirements have not changed, its just more stable)

If you already OWN Operation Flashpoint Resistance

You can download it via WiKi and use your Flashpoint Serial During Install

 Unlike the 3 CD Set, this does NOT Include "Red Hammer"

Q) Red Hammer?
A) Allows you to play Cold War Crisis (as the Russian Side)
you can move the TWO red Hammer PBO files from OFP to CWA manually  (if you have them)


Which OFP Do You Need?

Which OFP Do You Need?

OFP: Operation Flashpoint Resistance GOTY Info
(a yellow GOTY 3 cd "Game of the year" logo)
March 18th 2003
Operation Flashpoint Game Of The Year Edition Is Released
(In a 3CD Set)
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Bohemia Interactive 

(a Platinum Gold Release GOTY 3 cd "Game Of The Year" Logo)
Operation Flashpoint Game Of The Year Edition Is Re-Released
(In a 3CD Set)
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Bohemia Interactive

(a red disk cover released by Mastertronic also the GOTY 3 cd Version)
Operation Flashpoint Game Of The Year Edition Is Re-Released
(In a 3CD Set)
Publisher: Mastertronic
Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Currently Retails for around £9.99 (and in the 3 for £20 range)

AWM = You must have v1.91 OR Higher if using Operation Flashpoint Resistance

The 3 Disk GOTY Set Installs 1.85 and has an update on cd3 to 1.91
(I Would SKIP Using That Update File & Look Online For) Google Search IT Now?

Or Download It HERE

You could get the 1.96 Update patch here (but that link is now dead)

OLD Style Compatable OFP VERSIONS?

This is Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis & The Resistance Expansion
30th August 2001
Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crsis Released
Publisher: Codemasters
...Developer: Bohemia Interactive

30th August 2001
Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crsis Released
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Bohemia Interactive

10th Of July 2002
Operation Flashpoint Resistance Released
(Expansion for Cold War Crisis)
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Cold War Crisis (is a full game)
Resistance (is an expansion pack)
you would need BOTH GAMES to do it this way (and be updated to 1.91 or 1.96)

How To Install OFP GOTY

How To Install OFP GOTY?

 You MUST use the SAME CD/DVD  Drive......
IE, you cant put cd 1 into 1 drive and cd 2 into another (setup will fail)

after the install you have the option of updating the game (using a Patch on CD 3) to 1.96
(that is not really recommended)  It is advised to upgrade the CD Install from its 1.85 Directly to 1.96, using a patch online (the official final update of 1.96c)  HERE

That file is the Official final update which Officially removes the need for the CD to play the game. This is NOT a hacked or modified exe file

 Once that's installed your OFP is up to date.

Remember IF you own this game you are entitled to upgrade the whole game from OFP to CWA
 More info on that game here, and its FREE to download and use your RES or GOTY serial to install

If you encounter an error installing the game, run the install again and UN tick Direct x

To be Updated...........

How To Install OFP Cold War Crisis RES?

How To Install OFP Cold War Crisis / Resistance?

  You MUST install "Cold War Crisis" First & then install Resistance
IF you are also going to install "Red Hammer" then Install CWC, Red Hammer & Then RES

How To Install Arma Cold War Assault?

Install Cold War Assault?

 Make sure you PC/LapTop Supports It

Run The Downloaded SetUp OR The CD Install

This Box Can Accept OFP & CWA Serials - S/N:

When you install OFP OR CWA the serial number is Actualy Very Important
(So Read This Caurfuly before you proceed)
When you select a serial number thats NOT yours, it limits Online use BUT
more importantly If YOU have an OFP key that you do use ONLINE
You Should Use It For This Install As Well... why?

Well when you installed OFP and Picked a Player Name
your game creates another code from your Serial & Your Name
these codes are passed via game servers (if you play online)
So if you Install this version with your OFP serial & use the same Player Name......
you get to KEEP your STATS on game servers
and any reputation you have built up as a player with people on them servers ;)

This box may seam trivial "but if your going to be creating Mod Folder ShortCuts"
(wich for some mods "YOU HAVE TO" then this is where you need to make the RIGHT CHOICE)

Ticking The Box Will Put The Shortcut Launch Folder Here
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Arma Cold War Assault
(IE: anyone who can log onto the computer can access the game and run it)

NOT Ticking The Box Will Put The Shortcut Launch Folder Here
C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Start Menu\Programs\Arma Cold War Assault
(IE: only You can see the game when you log onto the computer)

Well that one doesn't need explaining realy does it?
But just incase it does.... YOU HAVE TO AGREA TO USE IT

Default Install Path Is Recommended To Avoid Issues....

Yes you can Install It Over Operation Flashpoint IF YOU WISH
(But I Wouldn't Recommend It To Be Honest)

Now Some MISC Shots While Loading....

^^^^^ ooo :D

At the End Of Install You Get This Box

Opening the README & The Game Is A Stupid Default Setting
So Untick Readme & Launch Game To Make Sure It Works

If you already have OFP GOTY Installed:
you can Copy These Files

From Here
C:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\Addons\Voicerh.PBO
C:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\Campaigns\REDHAMMER.PBO

Into These Folders
C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Arma Cold War Assault\AddOns\Voicerh.PBO
C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Arma Cold War Assault\Campaigns\REDHAMMER.PBO

Then you can play Red Hammer Within the CWA Interface.


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