Sunday, 11 November 2012

How To Install OFP GOTY

How To Install OFP GOTY?

 You MUST use the SAME CD/DVD  Drive......
IE, you cant put cd 1 into 1 drive and cd 2 into another (setup will fail)

after the install you have the option of updating the game (using a Patch on CD 3) to 1.96
(that is not really recommended)  It is advised to upgrade the CD Install from its 1.85 Directly to 1.96, using a patch online (the official final update of 1.96c)  HERE

That file is the Official final update which Officially removes the need for the CD to play the game. This is NOT a hacked or modified exe file

 Once that's installed your OFP is up to date.

Remember IF you own this game you are entitled to upgrade the whole game from OFP to CWA
 More info on that game here, and its FREE to download and use your RES or GOTY serial to install

If you encounter an error installing the game, run the install again and UN tick Direct x

To be Updated...........

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