The Airwolf O.F.P Handbook

This manual has not been released to the public but we shall list useful blog posts based on the manual (for now)

For using the mission editor, view the Using Addons Tab Here

So then,, below we shall link to useful topics that will come in handy for mission editing along with set up and game play.

Guides On This Blog:

How To Install Arma Cold War Assault?
How To Install OFP Cold War Crisis RES?
How To Install OFP GOTY?
Which OFP Do You Need?
Which CWA Do You Need?
Accessing Mission Scripts in Folders With Game Open?
Adding Cargo To Units OR Objects?
Opening (Santini Air) The Hangar Doors Remotely?
Airwolf (AWM) Visor Control Ideas?
Airwolf (AWM) Weapons Tips & Tricks?
Airwolf (AWM) Ammunition Tips & Tricks?
Pre-Arming Your Units and Weapon Switching
Never Run Out Of Fuel Cheat?
Never Get Destroyed or Die Cheat?
Simulate A Fuel Leak?
Simulate A Mid Air Refuel?
OPFlashpoint Mission Editor Uber Reference Guide
OFP Com Ref v1.0

Guides / Books On Other Sites:

more to follow...

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