Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Introducing Faguss - A Wizzard With OFP-CWA

This has to be seen to be believed lol,  so you watch that, then i shall note some basics

This is a really cool evolution for OFP and CWA,  really really cool

It also has NO issues with DxDll

You MUST have the  Description.ext  and the Init.sqs in the Mission folder you want to use it on

The current Database (included with this) doesn't cover AWM objects NOR many others
but nothing stops YOU making database files

Fwatch Update fun...

He also has an Ingame Script Editor

And A Cut Scene Editor

Where can i get this gear from ?

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Airwolf (AWM) Ammunition Tips & Tricks

Ammunition On The AWM Airwolf Addon

Ammunition Tips & Tricks

To go along with the 5 weapon types
requires the 5 types of ammo.
The ammunition could be re-added in the form of a cheat (script) Or you could place one of the ammo trucks or crates.
Stripping it of it's normal ammo and loading it with Airwolf compatible ammo.
Ammo can be added as Cargo to almost any vehicle OR object.

So Lets Talk Ammunition... 
Ammo GUN Class: awmairwolfgunsam
Ammo GUN Class:  awmairwolfcannonsam

Ammo MISSILE Class:  awmairwolfredeye
Ammo MISSILE Class:   awmairwolfhellfire
Ammo MISSILE Class:  awmairwolfcopperhead

So the ammo from addons, can be added to the ammunition trucks provided and ammo crates that come with the game, you could add it to a refuel truck to. You could even add ammo to the lair or an object, vehicle (such as doms jeep) so that you can re-arm airwolf where ever u want when ever you want, be it an ammo truck called by radio, crate, jeep or just a script you run that re-arms the heli like a cheat (script).

First you would need to place an Ammo crate, truck, or object you wish to load with ammo on the map,  Note that you wont see the ammo in game, just the object you add the ammo to.  For example you could add the ammo to santinis jeep, then when parked by airwolf, you could get into airwolf and use the re-arm option if it's parked close enough.  First you need to remove the ammo/weapons that comes with it (if using an ammo truck or ammo crate)  well you don't but it saves game lag over time with other things you have going on..

EXAMPLE: (to remove ammo from a crate, truck or object)

ClearMagazineCargo this

To clear weapons from a crate you would use...

EXAMPLE: (to remove weapons from a crate, truck or object)

ClearWeaponCargo this

Adding ammunition to the object, vehicle or what ever you want to use would be


this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfgunsam 
this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfcannonsam 
this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfredeye 
this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfhellfire 
this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfcopperhead

(Note as yet i haven't included  Sunbursts)  AND we still have some Issues with this
we've also tried the  this AddMagazineCargo ["awmairwolfcopperhea,50"]
  We are still Experimenting

They can be run direct from an INT field (instead of a script) by separating them with a ; like this

this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfgunsam; this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfcannonsam; this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfredeye; this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfhellfire; this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfcopperhead;

With this in mind, if you look at Appendix F in the ofp Com Ref (Weapon and Ammo List)
You could add the likes of a HK, Grenades, Pipe Bombs, Flares, night vision goggles and other bits to Airwolf, so when you get out, yet stand next to it, there is an option to "Take" the items you added...
pretty handy for missions on foot....
you could even hide things in pre-mapped places using the (objectid) i also remember a back pack addon that let you carry more lol

Also check out the com ref for commands such as doTarget and doWatch they are really handy for making videos or intro, outro based cut scenes.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Airwolf (AWM) Weapons Tips & Tricks

Weapons On The AWM Airwolf Addon

Airwolf Weapons & Deployment

The Airwolf addon comes with the "Guns 1 & 2" mounted within the wing tips (originally called "Chain Guns 1 & 2" they where later renamed) Because the name chain guns is copyrighted.

It also comes with the under belly "ADF POD"
A rocket launcher that has 3 chambers that can be fed 3 types of missile. Maverick, Hellfire and Copperhead. But that said you could change the on board ammo...

So Lets Talk Weapons...

Weapon GUN Class:  awmairwolfguns
Weapon GUN Class:   awmairwolfcannons

Weapon MISSILE Class:   awmairwolfmissilelauncher
Weapon MISSILE Class:   awmairwolfhellfirelauncher
Weapon MISSILE Class:    awmairwolfrocketlauncher

The default weapon is the "Guns" and doesn't do much damage besides to people, pressing the keyboards Spacebar changes it to Cannons, and then pressing it again takes you to the missiles.
You can have a script or a trigger deploy the weapons, so you start with them already out.

EXAMPLE:  (Assuming you named the helicopter Airwolf)

Airwolf animate ["awmfcmswitch ", 1]


unit name   run animation command  the animation phase to change

Using this command (below) retracts them..

Airwolf animate ["awmfcmswitch ", 0.1]

Then you could also have a command run (from the same trigger or script) or another way such as hawke saying gimi a hellfire, maverick or copperhead..
and upon activation it changes the default weapon to one of your choice

EXAMPLE:  (Assuming you named the helicopter Airwolf)

Airwolf selectWeapon awmairwolfmissilelauncher


unit name   weapon selection command  weapon (class) to select

Now as you lnow, the Gunner (Dominic Santini) Sitting in the back does the shooting when you tell him to fire. When your using missiles that don't lock on, the delay between order and action can waste a missile, or even worse.. get you killed...  So what if the mission loaded up with "Manual Fire" already selected?

EXAMPLE:  (Assuming you named the helicopter Airwolf)

Airwolf action ["MANUALFIRE"]
Using the same command again turns it off..


unit name   run an action  action to run 

Its a shame really that AWM uses the animation phase, because i liked the RANAirwolf "scripted method" because not only could you mess with the Animation Timing to get the pod cover slide animation looking right, but also you could just deploy the POD or the Winglets (and not have to go full combat mode all the time)
I am looking into making a script for individual control (and will update this post)
but even with individual control, i don't see anyway to sort the timing between the adf pod "cover" moving and the pod lowering or rising.

Also check out the com ref for commands such as doTarget and doWatch they are really handy for making videos or intro, outro based cut scenes.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Airwolf (AWM) Visor Ideas v2.0

Airwolf (AWM) Visor Ideas v2.0
(For Filming & Stuff)
by TheWraith517

See Details and Help Below

Download Templates Here

You Get 2 Mission Templates And 4 Scripts

AWM Airwolf Visor Control EXT.Intro
External Mission Loading Box

External Control Screen Shot

External Template Has Action Added - To Player (unit)

This template loads up with you Standing outside of airwolf
and you have an Option on your action menu to Close the visor
once selected it'll close, then it'll remove the action and add the action to open it. See notes for more info.

AWM Airwolf Visor Control INT.Intro
Internal Mission Loading Box
Internal Control Screen Shot.

Internal Template Has Action Added - To Airwolf (vehicle)

This version starts with you Inside Airwolf (as a passenger in the co-pilot seat)
You have an Option on your action menu to Close the visor
once selected it'll close, then it'll remove the action and add the action to open it
See notes for more info about use on Pilot (AS) Player.


Remember they both come with 2 Scripts
If you save your mission with "Another Name"
or you merge these onto "Another Island" then save, 
they you need top place them scripts into that new mission folder

Q) Why wont this work on the Pilot when I AM the Pilot?
A) I am not sure, at the moment it WILL let you Close the visor
(as the pilot player)  but it fails to remove the action..
and it fails to add the open action..
we know this.. reporting it as a bug means you didn't read this README

These are for Filming OR Making Mission Intro/Outro/Cut Scenes
Faces are also set within Hawke & Doms Initilization field
(for video you can use Fraps Game Screen Capture)

EXT means (External) you start Outside Airwolf (as a Spectator, Not  A Pilot)
INT means (Internal) you start Inside Airwolf (as a Spectator, Not  A Pilot)
.Intro = Its For The Standard "OFP Desert Island"

awm.pbo (The Helicopter)
awmc.pbo (The Character Pack)
This Version is for AWM and not RAN
ranairwolf is Not Supported by this file

Place the Mission Folders Here (for OFP)
C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\Users\YOUR NAME\missions

Place the Mission Folders Here (for CWA)
C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Arma Cold War Assault\Users\YOUR NAME\missions



Sunday, 18 May 2014

Airwolf Wall Art and Related Things Addon

AW_WallArt.pbo By TheWraith517

Airwolf Wall Art Addon v1.0 (beta)

by TheWraith517
Download: Here
This addon is essential wall art, set decoration if you will.. Airwolf blue prints to hang on walls, strings paintings to strings paintings gone.. gone?
Well wooden designs one side painting the other (is the idea) so they can be rotated in place kinda thing.

In Editor Shot Of Icons

As you can see each model has its own icon so you can see what they are in the editor after you have placed them. The addon is a work in progress.  It needs research for the paintings (to get the images for the model) and also (to get the names for listing in the editor)  Assumption is if one day someone makes a cabin, that these can be then re-sized and fitted as REMOVABLE OBJECTS

REMEMBER:  You Can't Access "EMPTY" Until You Place A Player
Paintings Gone Are Wooden Boards
White Sands Signs Are Genuine Signs Still Need Valley Maps

Video of the boards in the game

Hueys (IROQUOIS PACK) UH1-H Base Model UH1-D - UH1-C Base Model UH1-B

Hueys (IROQUOIS PACK) UH1-H Base Model UH1-D / UH1-C Base Model UH1-B
Addon Version ? by CSJ 
As Seen in Season 2 Episode 8
Flown by Nam Soldiers & Nick Knincade in Season 3. These are seen in a fair few other Airwolf  episodes.

Download Here 

More info on these soon, including door control tips
please note these are NOT the ones wraith used in the OLD AW Nam video
we are looking for them , and believe they where maybe by SEB, not CSJ

Here Is A Video of These Versions In Game & Some Screen Shots Below Video

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Never Run Out Of Fuel Cheat When Flying OR Driving

Looping Fuel Cheat

This idea was hashed around a bit on the original awm forum when wraith wanted to originally simulate a fuel leak along with a cheat that would keep you fueled,  another script he wanted to make was to reverse the leak and use it as a mid air refuel. Tomaz over at AWM helped out to shrink wraiths mad idea of almost 120 lines of code into this simple checksum.
This final code was from those inspiring talks..

The script was added to the AirwolfFXandAudio.pbo  called  ReFuel.sqs
If you have that addon installed you can simply use it within a Vehicles INT field

and can be run using this from an INT

[this] exec "\AirwolfFXandAudio\Scripts\ReFuel.sqs"

Like So

It can use [this] in the INT even if you've named the unit

 Placed In a Radio Trigger Would Be Like This

Note that in a trigger a unit needs to be defined [this] becomes [Airwolf]

So you MUST also name your Unit As So..

Unit Named (if script is in trigger Make Sure its removed from unit int)

Here Is How It Looks In Script Form

_veh = _this select 0

?fuel vehicle _veh < 0.99: goto "ReFuel"
goto "check"

_veh setFuel 1.0
goto "check"

You could modify the  < 0.99: and lower that to say 0.45, that would save on cpu usage running the script when fuel is lower, don't go under 0.20 because.. remember you can't use turbos once you hit a certain fuel level.

Here is a Video of it in action...

Accessing Mission Scripts in Folders With Game Open

Ok this one can be such a nightmare for many people..
So what i propose in this post is a Number of Alternatives To Alt and Tab
(I recommend reading the whole post, before choosing a method that best suits you)

Method 1  ALT and Tab
If you didn't know this, you can hold your ALT key (while the game is open) and while keeping ALT pressed down, press the TAB key, then  letting go of the TAB key while maintaining hold on the ALT, will allow you to switch windows (if your lucky) You can also press TAB again to select another open task on your computer.  This method works for some and not for others, and for those it does work for... It's unstable at best and can make the game crash.
Rumor has it if you run the game at a different resolution to your desktop the alt tab is more stable.

Method 2 the  -window
Adding the  -window  command switch (to the games short cut) will run the game in window mode, but again isn't really that stable, best stability is to avoid the task bar.. IE minimize the game using the top right corner option (then ALT and TAB) to maximize it after editing what ever it was outside the game.
and again.. Rumor has it if you run the game at a different resolution to your desktop the alt tab is more stable.

Method 3 Networking
If you have more than 1 computer (on a network or router) you could share the mission folder on the network, and edit files that way so the game can stay open and maximized all the time while using the mission folder on a 2nd machine... This method is not advised unless you know about networking NOR are we willing to discuss it further, so asking in comments wont get a response from us here.

Method 4 Browser Use On A 2nd Machine
A free simple network idea, as seen on iPhones and iPads that i guess you could use on your pc's would be Apple Quick Times "Bonjour" web browser plugin. A lot of the required PC Companion Software for iDevice file transferee apps are free to download on a windows and mac platform. Meaning you could use that software to "Download"  OR  "Upload"  modified files from one machine to another "Over a Router LAN/WiFi"   Thinking about it, if you had an iDevice, there are plenty of text editors for them, so you could be editing SQS files, copy and pasting from PDF files right on an iPad and then send that file back into the mission folder..  But again this is something that unless you no what your doing.. OR have a Face to Face Friend to help you, then i probably wouldn't recommend it

Final Notes
Remember a mission still needs re-loading if you modify the EXT or SQM file
(all other edits you can just use PREVIEW to see your changes)

SQM IS modified by the game when you click Save In Mission Editor
EXT is NOT modified when you click save In Mission Editor
SQS is NOT modified when you click save In Mission Editor
PBO is NOT modified when you click save In Mission Editor

Changes To A Loaded PBO File work, But not for the following Information..
Class Names, Mission Editor Name OR Any Variable Loaded In A Required EXT in the mission dir

Monday, 5 May 2014

Controling The Santini Air Hanger Doors

The Santini Air Hanger
(A.K.A Jet Copters Based in Van Nuys)

A Pair of these are based on the Main Airwolf Island (down the bottom left in the mission editor)   When the game loads the main doors are closed by default. This tutorial will explain how to have them already open when the mission loads. We will also go into detail on how you could also make a form of remote control for them by adding an action to your self or a vehicle, or even a trigger or radio command.

You use the same method i once spoke of in the "OFP School Videos" when blowing up pre-mapped buildings using the "Object ID" rather than a named item or the "this" reference that would of been used on something you had normally of manually placed your self.

The "Moveable" version of the hanger, that you can place your self (in the mission editor) can be controlled like any addon that's not been pre-mapped upon the island. and would use the "THIS" command OR "What Ever Name You Gave It"  in front of the commands below.. to control it.
That is instead of the (Object_ ID)

But for Mapped objects, you can't name them, they have a mapped Object ID, that can be seen when you click "Show Ids" on the mission editor window (then zoom in on the map to see ID Numbers)

Mission Editor With Show ID and Show Textures Selected

If you placed an oblong trigger infront of the hanger

Trigger To Open In Front, Trigger To Close Over The Top (of hanger)

 activated by Civilian, and in the trigger Activation field  you put this code.. as one full line.

(object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors1", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors2", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors3", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors4", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors5", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors6", 1];

Then you (as santini or string AS a civilian player model) drove your jeep towards the hanger doors, you would activate the trigger as you drove over it.. Then the doors would open. Then you could have in the "upon deactivation" or in a separate trigger over the hanger its self in the activation field you put this code

(object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors1", 0]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors2", 0]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors3", 0]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors4", 0]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors5", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors6", 0];

Then the doors would close behind you as you entered.

For the hanger (that you place manually in the editor) you would use these.

Open Hanger Doors
this animate ["awmstat2folddoors1", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors2", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors3", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors4", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors5", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors6", 1];

Close Hanger Doors
this animate ["awmstat2folddoors1", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors2", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors3", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors4", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors5", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors6", 0];

Their are no scripts within the Static addon its self that can be used for closing or opening the doors, it is all within the addon config as ive listed above
and at some stage i will look into a shorter code (for all) kinda option....
( i shall include scripts into the next AudioandEffects Addon )

Open Hanger Doors 
Shorter Code or Script  HERE?

Close Hanger Doors
Shorter Code or Script  HERE?

Video Showing The Distance.. You can be anywhere on the map and activate the doors

Other Examples could be the addAction to the jeep.. like a remote control, or even a mission based objective condition, where something else needs to be completed or picked up, before you can open the hanger.
At the moment i am unsure if an option to remove the action from the hanger proximity was included in the addon, i doubt it tbh as hind sights not an addon makers forte and this is sometimes why fans have problems learning to make missions  lol.

Remember cut scenes, where the game takes over, stripping the GUi, creating cams, using the velocity and doWatch commands to take over vehicle motion "mid game" rather than an intro our outro only fmv... having things going on around you...
What about half the hanger open?.. or just 1 section.. have we been robbed,, the place is open...

Please ber in mind we are here to teach you and help you... but NOT do it All for you...
None of us are being paid to work on this stuff, none of us have all kinds of certificates in game design.. we are just every day fans.. Only... WE... give something back to the community....
Please think about that before asking something you could of just typed into GOOGLE

If you have any Other tips regarding this hanger, the code, and ideas for it, feel free to comment below, and please follow the blog...