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Airwolf (AWM) Ammunition Tips & Tricks

Ammunition On The AWM Airwolf Addon

Ammunition Tips & Tricks

To go along with the 5 weapon types
requires the 5 types of ammo.
The ammunition could be re-added in the form of a cheat (script) Or you could place one of the ammo trucks or crates.
Stripping it of it's normal ammo and loading it with Airwolf compatible ammo.
Ammo can be added as Cargo to almost any vehicle OR object.

So Lets Talk Ammunition... 
Ammo GUN Class: awmairwolfgunsam
Ammo GUN Class:  awmairwolfcannonsam

Ammo MISSILE Class:  awmairwolfredeye
Ammo MISSILE Class:   awmairwolfhellfire
Ammo MISSILE Class:  awmairwolfcopperhead

So the ammo from addons, can be added to the ammunition trucks provided and ammo crates that come with the game, you could add it to a refuel truck to. You could even add ammo to the lair or an object, vehicle (such as doms jeep) so that you can re-arm airwolf where ever u want when ever you want, be it an ammo truck called by radio, crate, jeep or just a script you run that re-arms the heli like a cheat (script).

First you would need to place an Ammo crate, truck, or object you wish to load with ammo on the map,  Note that you wont see the ammo in game, just the object you add the ammo to.  For example you could add the ammo to santinis jeep, then when parked by airwolf, you could get into airwolf and use the re-arm option if it's parked close enough.  First you need to remove the ammo/weapons that comes with it (if using an ammo truck or ammo crate)  well you don't but it saves game lag over time with other things you have going on..

EXAMPLE: (to remove ammo from a crate, truck or object)

ClearMagazineCargo this

To clear weapons from a crate you would use...

EXAMPLE: (to remove weapons from a crate, truck or object)

ClearWeaponCargo this

Adding ammunition to the object, vehicle or what ever you want to use would be


this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfgunsam 
this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfcannonsam 
this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfredeye 
this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfhellfire 
this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfcopperhead

(Note as yet i haven't included  Sunbursts)  AND we still have some Issues with this
we've also tried the  this AddMagazineCargo ["awmairwolfcopperhea,50"]
  We are still Experimenting

They can be run direct from an INT field (instead of a script) by separating them with a ; like this

this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfgunsam; this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfcannonsam; this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfredeye; this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfhellfire; this AddMagazineCargo  awmairwolfcopperhead;

With this in mind, if you look at Appendix F in the ofp Com Ref (Weapon and Ammo List)
You could add the likes of a HK, Grenades, Pipe Bombs, Flares, night vision goggles and other bits to Airwolf, so when you get out, yet stand next to it, there is an option to "Take" the items you added...
pretty handy for missions on foot....
you could even hide things in pre-mapped places using the (objectid) i also remember a back pack addon that let you carry more lol

Also check out the com ref for commands such as doTarget and doWatch they are really handy for making videos or intro, outro based cut scenes.

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