Useful OFP-CWA Tools

Things that let you Edit Files in OFP and CWA



 Windows Note Pad is one of your main resources and will open the Following file types if you (open notepad & drag them over the top)  OR  (Right Click On the Following File Types) and select "Open With" and choose  "Notepad.exe" will open the following

Unpacking PBO Files can be tricky depending on just what they where packed with, a little stand alone program (no install needed) can open most addon and mission pbo files and is called  WinPBO, if it wont open the pbo you want it to then the user has used another program that also encrypts the PBO so and that is something i wont help with, so don''t ask me to.

Using PAA and PAC files (textures) requires a program like TEXTview which can be used to convert JPG or TGA files into OFP compatible textures, note the sizes must be equal sizes. Check other addon textures to see common dimensions.

 WRP Tool  is a semi complicated one you can use to edit the WRP Island files, it uses other key files that are needed to be added (from ofp it's self) we have included the other files it requires. Remember if you delete a pre existing object then you Forcibly Alter the number of Every Object that follows it.


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