Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Airwolf Audio And Effects Addon v2.0


This addon is Version 2.0 and contains Dialog, Sound Effects, Music, Faces & Scripts packed inside one addon to help you bring music and stuff into your mission & Gameplay.

There was plans to phase out this addon in favor of Smaller addons and i will explain that further along within this post.

This addon includes music (from the actual show) NOT From Airwolf CD's...

It also contains a number of vocal phrases from mixed characters in the show, so you can include dialog in your missions or your cut scenes.  Every vocal phrase has a LIP file, so the lips will move when they say the phrase and every phrase In-Game, the "Class Name" is listed in the readme file along with the phrase associated to the class name.

This addon also comes with a pretty expansive CHM help file (though if you wish to run the CHM file on windows Vista or Windows 7) then you require the  win32help  update for your system, that can be downloaded by searching on on microspfts download server  Here,
 Just look for your windows version and then choose cpu architecture (x86 = 32bit or x64 = 64bit).
Why they never included it in windows 7 or Vista i will never really understand.. besides not wanting you to use software you've paid for.. so then you can't read the help files...

DOWNLOAD:  Here   (from mediafire)
I don't have any other link right now (that i can fully recommend)
 but if you google   AirwolfFXandAudio.pbo you'll find i, just watch what your doing.
Note the link is to the PBO only, not a rar or zip (but) open up the PBO in winpbo and you can extract the advanced readme text and other help text files for it  ;)

So.. The Phase Out?
Most addons are a work in progress when it comes to the Airwolf stuff, no one man can finalize such an immense project and ideas evolve and plans change.  When i first built this addon i was very green in the ways of releases, longevity and ofp specifications.

Ideally you don't want to be downloading BIG addons just because a few things have been added and these addon "Patches" don't always patch big addons correctly neither.  In an ideal world fans would of helped in the beginning and the expansion of space would of been noted earlier.  But with nothing to work with besides 4 playback dvd's... youtube clips and rough hissy sounding vhs rips (and at the time) NO sight nor sound of Airwolf on DVD.. OR any help from Anyone with the CH dvd's...
Well this addon was pretty small and to the point.... because no one else out their bothered to chip in.

BUT.. if we want a real Airwolf game.. then just String alone needs his OWN PBO... to amass the dialogue.. from not just Airwolf.. but also other tv shows & movies that he was In. Along with varied player models.. even one with a fishing rod.. wtf why a fishing rod?   Cut Scenes would use such models.. Right?

So at some stage the plan would of been to have files such as....

AW_AFXS.pbo  that would replace this specific addon for  sfx and other odds, like redstar guy talking, the eagle sound effects, base alarms, random none specifics that don't need to be expanded upon in general.

AW_SCRIPTS.pbo  that would replace this specific addon for scripts only. These scripts would cover a load of addons and concepts, including none airwolf addon related, yet addons that could be used in airwolf missions & the scripts would be tailored to enhance features of the 3rd party addon for use with Airwolf

AW_SFH.pbo that would utilize ALL the JMV audio from this original addon along with more dialogue from him when found in other movies.. interviews.. court appearances and so on lol

AW_DS.pbo for dominic and other borgnine related phrases, interview audio, outfits, models (hat & no hat)

These could also contain pre made scripts for specific scenarios to, that could be used in "Intros & Outros" (FMV & Cut Scenes in the modern day terms of gaming)   The Ideas and material was to immense for one guy to gather, i mean i had notes on thousands of things, even like "Mike Rivers"  played "Carleton Riddlemeyer" in a tv series called "Re-Genesis"  that had stacks of great dialogue, he was also in "Tracker" and a highlander series episode, even an ep of the littleest hobo (i hadn't even started looking into "Forever Night" yet which was his own series)  and neither had anyone else... certainly not to help with the game we where trying to create.. Working on this with zero help yet Masses of expectations.. really took its toll on this game and the people who where working on it.

(i had already started in 2007 on adapting this addon into separates when season 1 was released on dvd) But at the time i was making a couple of movies and split with a long time x, ended up living in a new place with no internet.. Tom had given up on the project and i had truly fkn given up on the fanbase and its fk you attitude...
Like some of you even now reading this.. are probably thinking.. but that's going to screw up all my missions.. All i can say is WHAT MISSIONS.. you never released ANY MISSIONS that use this addon....  and guess what.. THAT'S MY POINT....
I lack any inspiration to work on actual addons, let alone release mission scripts i make...

Post to be updated......

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