Sunday, 27 April 2014

HX-1 Helicopter (Xavier Petit Edition) v1.3

HX-1 by Xavier Petit

HX-1 is first seen in the Season 2 Episode 8, entitled HX-1.  The episode was about Mace, a former buddy of Hawke and his long lost brother.

Its stolen by mace and a team of mercenaries, then.. as usual Archangel want's String and Dom to bring it back to the firm... or destroy it...

The Real Name For It Is A Sikorsky S-76

Its Later seen again in Season 3 Episode 3  
And A Child Shall Lead 
without the HX-1 logo on the side

It's also seen in the background at santini air in another episode....

It has plenty of room for transporting soldiers to.

Download:  HX-1  v1.3  (Requires NO Additional Addons)

Useful Information Not Included within the addon release...
Vehicle Class:   HX-1
Pilot Class:   SoldierWPilot
(You could Place / Spawn an empty HX-1 and a SoldierEPilot with a moveInDriver)
 Placing The "West" Side version places it with a Pilot and Co-Pilot

Weapon GUN Class:   HX1Gun 
Weapon GUN Class:  HX1Cannon
Weapon MISSILE Class:   HX1msl

Ammo GUN Class: HX1GunMun
Ammo GUN Class:  HX1CannonMun
Ammo MISSILE Class:  HX1msl

Note that reloading with a script, you can't fire again until the Red turns to Green
(I assume its a heat thing that some missile launchers have)

Note that the "SoldierWPilot"  is a standard OFP pilot and will use the UH60 Pilot OFP AI

Ingame Screen Shots:

Ingame Videos:

Episode Screen Shots:

Real Videos:

Here is some very rare footage of it at Anaheim AHI Airshow
(video by  foxtype1973  on youtube)

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