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AndrewHawke Desert Strike Mission (RAN & AWM)

Mission Editor Screen Shot

Andrew Hawkes "Desert Strike"

Initially a mission for RANairwolf.pbo, which TheWraith517 later ported across to be able to use the AWM version of Airwolf (which sadly not many people could figure out upon its release)

So andrew chose to put this together with the RAN addon.  Both RAN and AWM compatible versions are however now available here.

In Game Carnage

You start out on-board a ship, a small frigate with a heli pad at the rear. Your in the pilot seat and you need to leave the ship.  Bringing up the map shows a few bits and bobs but your goal is to await the orders to take out the convoy, but don't go mad and don't go flying right along the cost line.
The goal is to first take out the convoy, then take out the later objectives.  A demo video has also been created to give you an idea of how it plays out in the game. Also the mission its self also features music from the show..

This Video Is From 2014

This Video Is From 2012

Please note this is an amateur fan made mission, and its not a bad one neither for an every day airwolf fan.. Compared to what mod teams do.. i think he did pretty well for a novice...  Also ber in mind that Andrew_Hawke was the ONLY OTHER airwolf fan who plays flashpoint that was bothered to Make AND Release a mission PUBLICLY to fans.. he got inspired and gave a little something back.... here at the blog we like to call that "TheWraith517 Maneuver"   you might wish to think about that folks before your moaning.. it should do this.. it should have that...  Learn... Create and Share... Its Called Evolution....


Download: Desert Strike 01 For RAN 
Download: Desert Strike 01 For AWM


Select and extract everything to your desktop.

copy and paste the mission folders 'Airwolf - Desert Strike.Intro' to your operation flashpoint missions folder. Then you can play them when you start the game up and select single missions. They're obviously not encoded so you can also copy and paste the folders into your users/yourname/missions folder and edit and play around with them in the mission editor if you wish. You can also get insight into how the mission was designed and how the scripts for the airwolf mod is used. I prefer to use in the waypoints (easier to remember rather than littering the map with large numbers of triggers, or creating separate .sqs files).

The mission 'Airwolf: Desert Strike' is harder. This time YOU are Stringfellow Hawke and you'll have to fly the lady yourself. But don't worry too much, as there are waypoints to help you (provided you haven't disabled them, veteran mode for example). My advice is to select 'manual fire' from the vehicle menu. ADF pod and chain guns have been deployed at the start, so you can select your arnament by pressing the 'space bar' or whatever key you have assigned for this function. I prefer the '30mm cannons' as they make nice blasting effects on the enemy armour.

As a fun bonus, I've also put in some audio .ogg files taken from .mp3 rips, from a few of the 'Airwolf' episodes. Just some music and a bit of dialogue which you can hear in both of the missions. It adds to the atmosphere of the missions, I think. :0)

I recommend setting your 'Sound FX' and 'Radio' down to '8' or '7' in the audio options of 'Operation Flashpoint' and leaving the 'Music' setting up at '10', to appreciate and hear the music, otherwise the engine noises and armaments will drown it out. Not good. I've also included the original ripped .mp3s, at no extra charge for your own personal use.

A decent analogue flight stick is recommended for the 2nd mission, but you could manage with just the mouse. Don't forget also to make use of the gunner/pilot targetting optics, and the zoom function works fine too.

You need, of course, the actual RANairwolf to play these missions, that is the file RANAirwolf.pbo which you can obtain from The Wraith's airwolf resource site or perhaps from a google search. There's another mod out there which, technically is better, but it's a real pain in the arse to get it to work correctly. And this file goes in your flashpoint res/addons folder. Oh, yeah, you need at least version 1.91 of 'Operation Flashpoint' for this mod and missions to work. But you knew that anyway, right? I've also included the 'editorupdated102' mod which goes in the same folder, but you most probably have this already. This mod is useful for putting buildings on the 'Desert Island' map.

The remaining folder is just some selected screenshots from the missions.

The RANairwolf scripts text file is just a list of the scripts needed to get the various aspects of the mod to work. Very useful for mission making, but is it complete? Are you the author of the mod? Do you know any further scripts, such as selecting one special piece of armament in combat mode? I would appreciate some further information about this, if you have it.

Finally, a little disclaimer: the missions are made available to play and hopefully enjoy and you can alter or edit them any you like, for your own consumption. Just don't go passing them off as your own, or else, I will PERSONALLY send you straight to hell. :0)

Any advice, feedback, suggestions, criticism etc, feel free to look me up at

Note: he is no longer on the ORG and his youtube is no longer open

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