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Controling The Santini Air Hanger Doors

The Santini Air Hanger
(A.K.A Jet Copters Based in Van Nuys)

A Pair of these are based on the Main Airwolf Island (down the bottom left in the mission editor)   When the game loads the main doors are closed by default. This tutorial will explain how to have them already open when the mission loads. We will also go into detail on how you could also make a form of remote control for them by adding an action to your self or a vehicle, or even a trigger or radio command.

You use the same method i once spoke of in the "OFP School Videos" when blowing up pre-mapped buildings using the "Object ID" rather than a named item or the "this" reference that would of been used on something you had normally of manually placed your self.

The "Moveable" version of the hanger, that you can place your self (in the mission editor) can be controlled like any addon that's not been pre-mapped upon the island. and would use the "THIS" command OR "What Ever Name You Gave It"  in front of the commands below.. to control it.
That is instead of the (Object_ ID)

But for Mapped objects, you can't name them, they have a mapped Object ID, that can be seen when you click "Show Ids" on the mission editor window (then zoom in on the map to see ID Numbers)

Mission Editor With Show ID and Show Textures Selected

If you placed an oblong trigger infront of the hanger

Trigger To Open In Front, Trigger To Close Over The Top (of hanger)

 activated by Civilian, and in the trigger Activation field  you put this code.. as one full line.

(object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors1", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors2", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors3", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors4", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors5", 1]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors6", 1];

Then you (as santini or string AS a civilian player model) drove your jeep towards the hanger doors, you would activate the trigger as you drove over it.. Then the doors would open. Then you could have in the "upon deactivation" or in a separate trigger over the hanger its self in the activation field you put this code

(object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors1", 0]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors2", 0]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors3", 0]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors4", 0]; (object 24820) animate ["awmstat2folddoors5", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors6", 0];

Then the doors would close behind you as you entered.

For the hanger (that you place manually in the editor) you would use these.

Open Hanger Doors
this animate ["awmstat2folddoors1", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors2", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors3", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors4", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors5", 1]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors6", 1];

Close Hanger Doors
this animate ["awmstat2folddoors1", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors2", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors3", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors4", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors5", 0]; this animate ["awmstat2folddoors6", 0];

Their are no scripts within the Static addon its self that can be used for closing or opening the doors, it is all within the addon config as ive listed above
and at some stage i will look into a shorter code (for all) kinda option....
( i shall include scripts into the next AudioandEffects Addon )

Open Hanger Doors 
Shorter Code or Script  HERE?

Close Hanger Doors
Shorter Code or Script  HERE?

Video Showing The Distance.. You can be anywhere on the map and activate the doors

Other Examples could be the addAction to the jeep.. like a remote control, or even a mission based objective condition, where something else needs to be completed or picked up, before you can open the hanger.
At the moment i am unsure if an option to remove the action from the hanger proximity was included in the addon, i doubt it tbh as hind sights not an addon makers forte and this is sometimes why fans have problems learning to make missions  lol.

Remember cut scenes, where the game takes over, stripping the GUi, creating cams, using the velocity and doWatch commands to take over vehicle motion "mid game" rather than an intro our outro only fmv... having things going on around you...
What about half the hanger open?.. or just 1 section.. have we been robbed,, the place is open...

Please ber in mind we are here to teach you and help you... but NOT do it All for you...
None of us are being paid to work on this stuff, none of us have all kinds of certificates in game design.. we are just every day fans.. Only... WE... give something back to the community....
Please think about that before asking something you could of just typed into GOOGLE

If you have any Other tips regarding this hanger, the code, and ideas for it, feel free to comment below, and please follow the blog...

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