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Airwolf (AWM) Weapons Tips & Tricks

Weapons On The AWM Airwolf Addon

Airwolf Weapons & Deployment

The Airwolf addon comes with the "Guns 1 & 2" mounted within the wing tips (originally called "Chain Guns 1 & 2" they where later renamed) Because the name chain guns is copyrighted.

It also comes with the under belly "ADF POD"
A rocket launcher that has 3 chambers that can be fed 3 types of missile. Maverick, Hellfire and Copperhead. But that said you could change the on board ammo...

So Lets Talk Weapons...

Weapon GUN Class:  awmairwolfguns
Weapon GUN Class:   awmairwolfcannons

Weapon MISSILE Class:   awmairwolfmissilelauncher
Weapon MISSILE Class:   awmairwolfhellfirelauncher
Weapon MISSILE Class:    awmairwolfrocketlauncher

The default weapon is the "Guns" and doesn't do much damage besides to people, pressing the keyboards Spacebar changes it to Cannons, and then pressing it again takes you to the missiles.
You can have a script or a trigger deploy the weapons, so you start with them already out.

EXAMPLE:  (Assuming you named the helicopter Airwolf)

Airwolf animate ["awmfcmswitch ", 1]


unit name   run animation command  the animation phase to change

Using this command (below) retracts them..

Airwolf animate ["awmfcmswitch ", 0.1]

Then you could also have a command run (from the same trigger or script) or another way such as hawke saying gimi a hellfire, maverick or copperhead..
and upon activation it changes the default weapon to one of your choice

EXAMPLE:  (Assuming you named the helicopter Airwolf)

Airwolf selectWeapon awmairwolfmissilelauncher


unit name   weapon selection command  weapon (class) to select

Now as you lnow, the Gunner (Dominic Santini) Sitting in the back does the shooting when you tell him to fire. When your using missiles that don't lock on, the delay between order and action can waste a missile, or even worse.. get you killed...  So what if the mission loaded up with "Manual Fire" already selected?

EXAMPLE:  (Assuming you named the helicopter Airwolf)

Airwolf action ["MANUALFIRE"]
Using the same command again turns it off..


unit name   run an action  action to run 

Its a shame really that AWM uses the animation phase, because i liked the RANAirwolf "scripted method" because not only could you mess with the Animation Timing to get the pod cover slide animation looking right, but also you could just deploy the POD or the Winglets (and not have to go full combat mode all the time)
I am looking into making a script for individual control (and will update this post)
but even with individual control, i don't see anyway to sort the timing between the adf pod "cover" moving and the pod lowering or rising.

Also check out the com ref for commands such as doTarget and doWatch they are really handy for making videos or intro, outro based cut scenes.

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