Sunday, 18 May 2014

Airwolf Wall Art and Related Things Addon

AW_WallArt.pbo By TheWraith517

Airwolf Wall Art Addon v1.0 (beta)

by TheWraith517
Download: Here
This addon is essential wall art, set decoration if you will.. Airwolf blue prints to hang on walls, strings paintings to strings paintings gone.. gone?
Well wooden designs one side painting the other (is the idea) so they can be rotated in place kinda thing.

In Editor Shot Of Icons

As you can see each model has its own icon so you can see what they are in the editor after you have placed them. The addon is a work in progress.  It needs research for the paintings (to get the images for the model) and also (to get the names for listing in the editor)  Assumption is if one day someone makes a cabin, that these can be then re-sized and fitted as REMOVABLE OBJECTS

REMEMBER:  You Can't Access "EMPTY" Until You Place A Player
Paintings Gone Are Wooden Boards
White Sands Signs Are Genuine Signs Still Need Valley Maps

Video of the boards in the game

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