Thursday, 4 October 2001

OFP Flashpoint Mission Editor Uber Reference Guide

OP Flashpoint Mission Editor Uber Reference Guide (Compiled by Merciless Creations)

One of the best (no internet needed) compilations ever put together for Operation Flashpoint, Its also viable to use with, Red Hammer, Resistance and Arma Cold War Assault game re-release.

Couple this PDF with Your Imagination and the OFP Com Ref  from here.   Then your ready to take the game to levels you never thought you possibly could.  The book holds stacks of Ideas and concepts, all illustrated using mission editor images. Stacks of tips and tricks to get things working.  Its a massive step up from the official  readme.chm help file that very few disc browsers will remember came on CD 1 of the GOTY Edition.. Its still worth a read, but will require winhelp32.exe..

All the text (on the pages)  can be searched, selected and highlighted.  Making this truly an awesome piece of work.  It means if you "Print It Out"  The text has clarity rather than blurry writing.

This will require Adobe Acrobat Reader   to view the PDF file, or a similar PDF compatible viewer.
(you could use it on an iPad or Laptop, while mission editing on the PC) 

Page Example
Page Example
Download Link Here

File date 4/10/2001

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