Thursday, 5 July 2001

OFP Com Ref v1.0 (PDF) Release

This complete reference guide is a blunt and direct look at each command and the usage example for each command.

With this Com Ref (PDF) Download here along with the Uber Mission Guide here, you can't really go wrong in mission making.

This outlines each command and details 1 simple example.

Its other massive reference point is ALL the unit, weapon, ammo and animation class names.

The only thing it actually really lacks is a guide to the faces.

All the text (on the pages)  can be searched, selected and highlighted.  Making this truly an awesome piece of work.  It means if you "Print It Out"  The text has clarity rather than blurry writing.

This will require Adobe Acrobat Reader   to view the PDF file, or a similar PDF compatible viewer.
(you could use it on an iPad or Laptop, while mission editing on the PC)

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