Wednesday, 4 July 2001

Pre-Arming Your Units and Weapon Switching

Adding a weapon to a Unit that doesn't have one would use


Adding a weapon to an Object or marker point (to be picked up later) you would use


Adding a Clip / Magazine / Projectile to a Unit


Adding a Clip / Magazine / Projectile to an Object or maker point (to be picked up later) you would use



UnitName AddWeapon "WeaponName"

Many see it as an Error when adding a weapon then ammo and blame fault in the user having to reload the gun before being able to use it, but it's not. You don't always leave a round in the chamber right? SO in normality you would add the weapon then the mags and the team would load up.

If you were to start a mission mid battle or a cut scene, you simply add One Mag, then the weapon, then the rest of the mags, which removes the need to hit reload as the mission begins. It's a great feature and not a flaw in the games design.

Weapon Names and Ammo Names are now all within the Com Ref.
also hit search "in the com ref" and read up on removeWeapon.

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