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Trailer Music Game Addon 2

Original Release Notes.. from 12th July 2013

I am a composer/musician, my former OFP work for reference was the
SG_Monitors.pbo, StargateFXandAudio.pbo, AirwolfFXandAudio.pbo,
AW_Monitors.pbo and a couple of others   (so im not totally new to OFP work)
but this could possibly be my most important ofp contribution covering a wider range of use compared to my older work.

I write to you today to share a personal release consisting of 61 pieces of "my" music
(a selection taken from ALL of my very own trailer music cd's which i generally retail for a fee)

I share with the OFP/CWA/ARMA community's 61 selected tracks for use in your missions, GUi's or what ever you wish to use them on during your ofp editing. Full details are included with the addon which also holds a script to preview all 61 tracks.

  Hopefully in a future update i will get around to Including some Environments,
Sound Effects and  Possibly some vocal dialogue to the TheWraithScoresFX1.
For now though... consider this TheWraithScoresFX2  another BETA Work In Progress.

There is a license file also included detailing your rights when using my music in your projects
all material inside the addon is (c)TheWraith517

This Addon Works In
yip.. it works in them all

Intros and Outros Sweet Cut Scenes Galore...
Spice Up Your Gameplay With An Awesome Epic Score...

Addon Download Link:

If link is down, try these alternatives :)
Mirror by

Another Mirror By Armaholic:

This addon features the following tracks (links point to youtube previews)

  TMS2M00000.ogg   = Royalty Free Music Promo
  TMS2M00001.ogg   = There Through The Fire It Rises (one in the addon is remastered)
  TMS2M00002.ogg   = A Soldiers Home Is A Battlefield Surrounded By Death
  TMS2M00003.ogg   = May Old Acquaintance Be Remembered 001
  TMS2M00004.ogg   = I Say Detective Was This A Murder or A War Memory 001
  TMS2M00005.ogg   = This Is Our Town Not Theirs So Let's Get Organized
  TMS2M00006.ogg   = The Open Seas - Land Ahoy - Raise The Main Sail
  TMS2M00007.ogg   = Johnny's Letter Arrived 2 Days After Johnny's Funeral
  TMS2M00008.ogg   = The Top Secret Military Aircraft Heist (reprise)
  TMS2M00009.ogg   = People Die Every Day (one in the addon is remastered)
  TMS2M00010.ogg   = This Is All Thats Left Of The Wagon Train
  TMS2M00011.ogg   = I Thought He Was Dead 001
  TMS2M00012.ogg   = I Thought He Was Dead 002
  TMS2M00013.ogg   = I Thought He Was Dead 003
  TMS2M00014.ogg   = Inside The Ancient Structure 001
  TMS2M00015.ogg   = A Reluctant Hero 001
  TMS2M00016.ogg   = A Reluctant Hero 002
  TMS2M00017.ogg   = A Reluctant Hero 003
  TMS2M00018.ogg   = Yet Another Heist Movie
  TMS2M00019.ogg   = City Of The Dead 002
  TMS2M00020.ogg   = The Motherland 001
  TMS2M00021.ogg   = Lost In The Desert Again
  TMS2M00022.ogg   = The Angels Come For Johhny
  TMS2M00023.ogg   = The UnKnown Traveler 001
  TMS2M00024.ogg   = Poljushka Polje The Motherland 002
  TMS2M00025.ogg   = Sun Rises Over The Town Of Madness
  TMS2M00026.ogg   = Sheriffs In On it.. warn dad.. Ooo Nooo Dads In On It To
  TMS2M00027.ogg   = Wandering And Disoriented
  TMS2M00028.ogg   = Farewell To The Rogue Warrior (inc drums & ambiance)
  TMS2M00029.ogg   = A Story Never Told About An Angel That Never Was
  TMS2M00030.ogg   = Contaminated The Land Contaigents In The Soil 002
  TMS2M00031.ogg   = The Platoon That Fell At Armageddon Ridge
  TMS2M00032.ogg   = In Them Their Hills Be Indians
  TMS2M00033.ogg   = The Doctor Reminisces (Planet Mutron Mix)
  TMS2M00034.ogg   = Looked Back And You Weren't There, Nither Was The Planet (reprise)
  TMS2M00035.ogg   = 31st May 2011 - Yamaha PSR-450
  TMS2M00036.ogg   = Troups Round The Camp Fire 001
  TMS2M00037.ogg   = Awoken From 258 Years Of Slumber
  TMS2M00038.ogg   = Last Known Position In Orbit Around Planet Mutron Com Lost 0800 Hours
  TMS2M00039.ogg   = Look Behind The Waterfall 001
  TMS2M00040.ogg   = Most The Towns Dead What Are We Gona Do
  TMS2M00041.ogg   = Tales Of The Untold Heroes Amongst Us And The Cowards 001
  TMS2M00042.ogg   = The Names Pond.. Fish Pond
  TMS2M00043.ogg   = They Will Out Number Us By Dawn 001
  TMS2M00044.ogg   = Think We Got Them Look The Sheriffs Down
  TMS2M00045.ogg   = Just Found Private Jacobs Horse But That's Who We Sent For Reinforcements
  TMS2M00046.ogg   = Kinda DARK Random Suspense 001
  TMS2M00047.ogg   = The Mutron Happy Ending
  TMS2M00048.ogg   = The 80s Mystic 2
  TMS2M00049.ogg   = Amazing Grace Demo 1
  TMS2M00050.ogg   = Old Langs Ine 001
  TMS2M00051.ogg   = What The Hell Are These Things
  TMS2M00052.ogg   = Walkers All Over The Town Get In and Get Out 001
  TMS2M00053.ogg   = Were To Late Their All Dead 001
  TMS2M00054.ogg   = Untouched After Years Yet You Are Not Alone
  TMS2M00055.ogg   = It Happend Right In This Very Room
  TMS2M00056.ogg   = I Know Your In Here
  TMS2M00057.ogg   = DRONE - Hes Dead 001
  TMS2M00058.ogg   = DRONE - Hes Dead 002
  TMS2M00059.ogg   = DRONE - Hes Dead 003
  TMS2M00060.ogg   = The Devil Knows Blues 001
  TMS2M00061.ogg   = When Your Names Called From That Ledger (DEMO)

To Download any of my music, check out the Blog for info

Looking for TheWraithScoresFX1 ?  it can be downloaded Here

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