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Trailer Music Game Addon 1

Original Release Notes..

Im a composer/musician, my former OFP work for reference was the
SG_Monitors.pbo, StargateFXandAudio.pbo, AirwolfFXandAudio.pbo,
AW_Monitors.pbo and a couple of others   (so im not totaly new to OFP work)
but this could possibly be my most important ofp contribution covering a wider range of use compaird to my older work.

I write to you today to share a personal release consisting of 50 peices of "my" music
(a selection taken from 5 of my very own trailer music cd's wich i generally retail for a fee)

Today I share with the OFP/CWA/ARMA community's 50 selected tracks for use in your missions, GUi's or what ever you wish to use them on during your ofp editing. Full details are included with the addon which also holds a script to preview all 50 tracks.

  Hopefully in a future update i will get around to Including some Environments,
Sound Effects & Possibly some vocal dialog.
For now though... consider this a BETA Work In Progress.

There is a license file also included detailing your rights when using my music in your projects
all material inside the addon is (c)TheWraith517

This Addon Works In
yip.. it works in them all

Intros and Outros Sweet Cut Scenes Galore...
Spice Up Your Gameplay With An Awesome Epic Score...

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To purchase any of my music, check out the Blog for info

The Top Secret Military Aircraft Heists (Reprise)

This addon features the following tracks (links point to samples on youtube)

  TMS1M00001.ogg         = Ive Escaped But Where Am I
  TMS1M00002.ogg         = Old Time Music 001
  TMS1M00003.ogg         = In Cinemas 001
  TMS1M00004.ogg         = In Cinemas 002
  TMS1M00005.ogg         = In Cinemas 003
  TMS1M00006.ogg         = In Cinemas 004
  TMS1M00007.ogg         = In Cinemas 005
  TMS1M00008.ogg         = In Cinemas 006
  TMS1M00009.ogg         = In Cinemas 007
  TMS1M00010.ogg         = In Cinemas 008
  TMS1M00011.ogg         = In Cinemas 009
  TMS1M00012.ogg         = In Cinemas 010
  TMS1M00013.ogg         = In Cinemas 011
  TMS1M00014.ogg         = In Cinemas 012
  TMS1M00015.ogg         = In Cinemas 013
  TMS1M00016.ogg         = In Cinemas 014
  TMS1M00017.ogg         = In Cinemas 015
  TMS1M00018.ogg         = In Cinemas 016
  TMS1M00019.ogg         = In Cinemas 017
  TMS1M00020.ogg         = In Cinemas 018
  TMS1M00021.ogg         = In Cinemas 019
  TMS1M00022.ogg         = You Better Run
  TMS1M00023.ogg         = A Quest For The Soul
  TMS1M00024.ogg         = The Heist
  TMS1M00025.ogg         = So Whats The Next Job
  TMS1M00026.ogg         = The Gallows Awaits You (with Keyboard & VSTs)
  TMS1M00027.ogg         = You Are The One And Your Time Is Now
  TMS1M00028.ogg         = Through The Aftermath Is A Future
  TMS1M00029.ogg         = Mark Says Im Rushing My Music
  TMS1M00030.ogg         = Frankly.. I Don't Give A Dam (Reprise)
  TMS1M00031.ogg         = Now This Was Rushed
  TMS1M00032.ogg         = Still Pondering Ones Own Future n Still Moving.. Swiftly Along
  TMS1M00033.ogg         = The Getaway Avoiding The Federalis
  TMS1M00034.ogg         = Random 01
  TMS1M00035.ogg         = Living Forever (Strings Section)
  TMS1M00036.ogg         = Living Forever (All Layers)
  TMS1M00037.ogg         = Memorys & Flashbacks (happy)
  TMS1M00038.ogg         = Memorys & Flashbacks (angry)
  TMS1M00039.ogg         = Leaving The City Everybody's Dead Escape Infection Don't Get Bitten
  TMS1M00040.ogg         = Another Heist Movie
  TMS1M00041.ogg         = Take The Elevator Shaft To The Penthouse
  TMS1M00042.ogg         = Scope Out The Hand Off Location (reprise)
  TMS1M00043.ogg         = Back In Town On Buisness & This Time It's Personal
  TMS1M00044.ogg         = Trying To Argue Your Way Into Heaven Is An Unusual Debate
  TMS1M00045.ogg         = Remorseful Moments In Time
  TMS1M00046.ogg         = Their Pullin Off The Next Job (no fx)
  TMS1M00047.ogg         = Their Pullin Off The Next Job (with fx)
  TMS1M00048.ogg         = Weather Man Says A Bright Day With Showers Of Confusion (Reprise)
  TMS1M00049.ogg         = If I Was To Try The Globus X-Ray Dog Style (Reprise)
  TMS1M00050.ogg         = Whale Flavourd Sushi Or A Slip Out Of Reality

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  1. It looks like a version 2 is in production, not an update, an actual second addon. This could be even more epic based on wraiths newer music


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