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 Please Note this is NOT the official Airwolf SoundTrack available here...
IE This Isnt Piracy of Mark J. Cairns work, nor recreations of his work....

This is a GAME Score Orchestrated and Composed by TheWraith517 For a computer game mod group. (also helped by RMZ & Mark Jones)

AWM was the OFP TAG for a team of "Operation Flashpoint" game addon makers who created an Airwolf conversion pack for fans of the 1984 Tv Series. This mod was released for free and fans only had to buy the Biss/Codemasters game to turn it into an airwolf game.
Their have also been stargate, star wars even Jurassic Park mods made for the game.

Anyways this score was requested by the team, which was simply stated as "We want something thats Airwolfy in nature, yet not airwolf" to which this stuff truly fit the bill.. Most airwolf recreated tracks are very Digital Funky sounding, wich is good, but becomes Repetitive. (other artists are working on perfecting airwolf re-creations for fans) this project is not intended to cut in or compete with their project. (IE requesting exact recreations here will be a waste of time)

Wraith said upon releasing this sound track that...

DreamWolf is a collection of pieces you never saw the scenes for, such as "String and Gabriels Wedding" and "Hawkes 1st Born" a re-composition of what you know into styles and moods that you don't.

This score was also meant to have Mark Jones working alongside thewraith517, but sadly after doing the left handed stuff on about 3 tracks he went home for his tea at 5pm saturday and basically never came back until monday, so wraith spent saturday night and sunday creating the majority of this work in real time with 3 different yamaha keyboards and no midi or vsts at the time) so its all one shot takes with each track.

Besides Mark Jones working on a couple of these tracks & his music 2000 work, the help of a very talented guitarist was also enlisted (RMZ) who shot his work back as fast as wraith fired the track to play over, RMZ truly a legend the way he did them tracks.

Featuring The Musos Involved
Vol 1 Inlay (rear of front fold out)
Volume 1 Front Cover also showing Rear Fold Out

Volume 1 Back Of CD Box & Track Listing
Volume 1 CD Label
Volume 2 Front Cover also showing Rear Fold Out
Volume 2 Back Of CD Box & Track Listing
Volume 2 CD Label

Volume 2 Back Of CD Box & Track Listing

NONE of these tracks are for sale here, they are free unless their NOT airwolf related
If you wish to purchase any of wraiths OWN music, please visit his blog for details

Much More Info, Art and an Interview with TheWraith517 over at the Airwolf UPC Blog HERE

The Top Secret Military Aircraft Heists (Reprise)

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